Ford Crown Victoria.

Ford Crown VictoriaThe full-size car Ford Crown Victoria debuted in 1979. Originally, the car was offered under the name LTD Crown Victoria. In 1991, the model has full-size aerodynamic body. The baggage place of car had volume of 580 liters was established. Under the hood of Ford Crown Victoria branded V8 engine cylinder capacity of 4.6 liters.

In 1998, the model has undergone modernization again. In the design a few minor changes were made. In particular, false radiator grille and rear pillars learned new design. In 2002, the American company showed a new version of the comfortable, spacious and high-speed auto. According to the manufacturer, Crown Victoria car was designed specifically for consumers services and taxi business.

A year later model Ford Crown Victoria with Mustang gt headlights has undergone a major upgrade in technical terms. The car has received a new frame, made by hydraulic converter and a new independent suspension.