How to reduce fuel consumption.

reduce fuelFirst of all, it should be taken into account: your goal is not to reduce fuel consumption , but to eliminate its excess consumption. Do not ask for advice from inexperienced drivers about the fact that if you set a different pad and apply all kinds of modifications, you will achieve significant savings. If the car is perfectly adjusted, any modification will not be effective.

  1. The first thing to do is to pay attention to the air filter. It does not require a lot of time: remove the filter and see if the light passes through it. If not, then it must be changed. Faulty filter significantly impedes the air flow to the engine. In this regard, it spent much more gasoline.
  2. Use lightweight synthetic or semi-synthetic oils. They significantly reduce the consumption of gasoline.
  3. If the tire pressure is not enough, more gasoline is necessary. Keep in mind that you can check the pressure only in a cold tire.
  4. Control the use of the gas pedal. When you abruptly start, you are wasting fuel in vain, because at that time large quantities of fuel are served. Do not use higher gears at higher speeds, it significantly increases the expense.