How does the spoiler work?

Spoilers are used on cars to perform two main functions.

spoilerFirst one is to create a powerful downforce at high speed, what does not allow the car to lose a reliable traction. And the second function is purely decorative.

It’s no secret that at high speed (more than 80-100 km / h) air-flow incident on the car, goes around the body, not only on the top and on the sides, but also from under the car. During a certain speed limit can be a situation when the vehicle due to the flow of air under the bottom can lifts above the roadway, which reduces traction. In addition, after the flow of air will round the car, it again seeks to fill the space, which had just been occupied by the machine. It causes different eddy currents behind the car, and accordingly, braking of the car, that is, increases the aerodynamic loads encountered ahead. In connection with it, spoilers are mounted on vehicle.

With regards to the second function – decorative, all the advantages of spoiler in this segment can be seen at various auto shows and car fashionable magazines.